A lesson in motherhood learned from the last supper

memoirs_wide-a2a9b994b77ed171eef72e3030bc0bc56eb39c71-s900-c85This morning I read the well-known story from Luke 22:19-30. My mind began wandering at the beginning of the story for I have read it over and over and over before. So I took a moment to pray and asked God to show it to me with a new perspective… and HE did!

Jesus was the leader of 12 men, young men some even we would call boys. He was gathering them together knowing that this was His last night with them. He wanted this night to be special,  He wanted to make it meaningful.  He also wanted to make sure that they knew what was happening.
As a mom I have been there. I have had moments that I have wanted it to be special, I had really important news to share or I wanted to let the family know what was happening..
The disciples began an argument of who was not going to deceive Jesus and then to make matters worse they began boasting about one another and arguing about who was better than the other.
I have three boys… this is very familiar! They can argue with one another about anything, yet I always say to myself well they are just boys … and boys will be boys.
Boys will be boys.. even in front of Jesus! They did not sit at the table properly, they did not speak quietly and they did not give their leader the respect that He deserved.
Moms if you have ever felt like maybe you were doing something wrong because you cannot get your children to behave at the dinner table for a conversation.. then remember the Lord’s Supper.  These boys were with God in the flesh and they still were boys!
But the lesson did not stop there.. It is what Jesus did not do as the leader at the table.  He did not start banging on the table yelling, “order, order” nor did He raise His glass and clang it a couple of times to get the attention of these unruly boys during His last meal. He did not get up and leave, storm out of the room and wait for the commotion to stop.  (Something I may have done,  along with being emotional cause my children wont listen to me)
No, that is NOT what He did. What He did do was remove his fine clothing, wrapped a towel around His waist filled a basin with water sat on the ground and began washing their feet! He began to serve them.  He continued to show them His love for them. He began to teach them how to live.  He did not yell or punish them for their behavior, or make them miss the rest of the dinner by excusing them from the table. He could have told another parable about a master washing his servants feet, He could have given them a lecture on the importance of serving others. But He didn’t.
Jesus is a true leader who genuinely loves His disciples. He wants the best of them, He wants them to learn so they can share what they have been taught to others. He did that by doing it.
As a mom I can learn a lot about raising my children from Jesus in this moment. This one-act of servant-hood changes my view of how I discipline my children, how I try to teach them, how I try to do the things I think they should do.
Thank you Jesus, for giving us so many learning opportunities in all that you did. You taught as a leader of a group. Whether it is our small group, our church, at work or at home. You have shown us the way that we must lead one another. Thank you Jesus. Help me be the leader of my children as a mom in my home. Guide me in showing them what it is like to lead. I love you so much. Forgive me for trying to do things my own way. Give me the strength to change the way I have been doing them, the courage to stand and the courage to wash their feet! Amen