The Summer Project

Ahhh… the days of no mandatory reading, writing, and studying have finally arrived. I now have time to read, write, and study when I want and what I want. Well, kind of. But that is a different topic for a different day.

This summer I am switching my blog Reading, Writing & Coffee on WordPress to Read. Write. Sparkle. Coffee on Blogger! I have become overally thrilled with all things google (well except Google+) and would like to include this change in my digital toolbox. To be honest, I also miss Blogger.


So, this is my last post here at Reading, Writing & Coffee. It is a place I will always remember. It was here I made the decision to become a middle school English Language Arts teacher!

As I sort through each post written on these webpages, I will be creating an Alphabeticaly Table of Contents to remain on this blog. As I remove articles from WordPress, links will become outdated and no longer available on the World Wide Web. As a reader comes to a cannot be found link, they will be redirected to the Table of Contents to find this post at Read. Write. Sparkle. Coffee.

This is a grand project; however, I look forward to reflecting on my experiences that I have had over the last few years on WordPress.

Read. Write. Sparkle. Coffee. is live during construction. As I transfer articles over, I plan on sharing new material as well. I currently have an idea brewing as I write this one! (The one that discusses not reading, writing, and studying everything that I want this summer). Please join me at You can also stay connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Any thoughts?

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