What I Wore Last Week: Red Edition

The color of the week was red! Monday and Tuesday I wore Red for Public Education & Friday was Wear Red for Women’s Heart Health awareness. 

I started completing a style challenge this month on Instagram. This gives me assistance with what to wear each day! A topic is given and we can put our own personal spin on it. February 1st was Black Beauty and the 3rd was Jeans & Jewlery ( I did not participate on the 2nd, I took a personal day).

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What I Wore Last Week

Here is my collection of outfits for last week. See details of each day on Instagram! Linking up with Pleated Poppy, What I Wore Wednesday. Let me know that you came by, I would love to connect with you. 

What I Wore Last Week

I have been doing some fashion blogging on Instagram, sharing my outfit for the day. It has been a lot of fun, trying something new and meeting new people. Here is an overview of last week!


Each day I share a quote and details of the outfit/ accessories that I wore. You can find me on instagram here, go head over there and follow me! Linking up with appeared Poppy on What I Wore Wednesday, head on over there to see what everybody is wearing...

Educational Technology Context & Foundation

I absolutely love my Instructional Technology course I am taking this semester at ISU! Integrating technology into all aspects of the classroom to benefit both student and teacher is extremely important to me. Part of the requirement of this class will be to create a Philosophy of our own in regards to placing tecnhlogy into the classroom. In order for us to complete this, through the course we are finding professional resources and material within our textbook to expand and define our current technology ideals.

Here is my takeaways from our readings this week:

     In Chapter 1 of our textbook, Roblyer states,

For the processes, or instructional procedures for applying tools, we look to … applications of technology that help prepare students for future jobs by teaching them skills in using current tools, as well as skills in ‘learning to learn’ about tools of the future that have not yet been invented – or even imagined (p. 5).

     I find the idea of “learning to learn about tools of the future” to be an extremely important guide in today’s teaching of technology and preparing our students for the future. This changes the focus of learning technology, we need to learn enough to complete the tasks we are to complete; however, its not about having lessons on the particular technology that we know it deeply as software, hardware, etc changes so rapidly. Yet we should direct lessons on the ability of learning to learn. Being able to take the basic knowledge and apply it to any program that comes our way. I read once that computer programmers, computer design students, and the like graduate with a degree with most of the information they have learned is outdated. Similar to our students, It is important for them to know how to learn and adapt to the rapidly changing technology in our world. 

     In Chapter 1 of our textbook research completed by Devaney in 2010 teaches us, 

Schools with one-to- one computing programs had fewer discipline problems, lower dropout rates, and higher rates of college attendance (p. 22).

     I am not surprised by such research results. As a future teacher, I would love to adapt or be apart of a school in which is involved within a 1:1. Eliminating factors of students not having the technology accessible in and outside of the classroom. This research on technology in education tells us that there are many more benefits to the use than what we originally thought. My thought that the fewer discipline problems, lower dropout rates, and higher rates of college attendance is in the idea that students are engaged, lessons are adaptable to many learning styles, and they feel better prepared to go on to higher education because of their experience!

     In Chapter 2 of our textbook, Roblyer states, 

Teachers will always use some directed instruction as the most efficient means of teaching required skills; teachers will always need motivating, cooperative learning activities to ensure that students want to learn and that they can transfer what they learn to problems they encounter. Proficient technology-orientated teachers must learn to combine directed instruction and constructivist approaches and to select technology resources and integration methods that are best suited to their specific needs (p. 49).

     I tend to lean toward the constructivist methods, ideologies, and epistemologies in the modern day classroom. It is innovative, collective; it is about movement and collaboration. It is appealing to me as a teacher to make the classroom appealing to today’s student. Yet there is an importance in the ideals and methods of directed instruction. As a future teacher and as I go about creating my integrating technology philosophy is in important to develop a balance between the two.

Roblyer, M.D. (2016). Integrating educational technology into teaching (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson             Education, Inc. 

New Year’s Day Sale at Dillard’s

Apparently Dillard’s department store has a fabulous clearance sale on January 1st and we found it on accident. We had some extra time Sunday morning after checking out of our hotel that we decided to head over to the Boise Towne Square as I was in desperate need of a new winter coat. 

After visiting a few department stores I was familiar with we decided to head into Dillard’s. I am so very glad I did!

I am a proud owner of this Jessica Simpson Carmel/Camel colored coat that I purchased from the clearance rack. I am in love with how soft it feels and how classy it looks. 

I think we will need to place a reminder on the calendar to visit Dillard’s every New Year’s Day!

What I Wore: Shopping Day

We are in Boise so we took the opportunity to do some shopping!

Wearing my Target Sweater Duster, Shabby Apple Dress, Fleece Tights from ShopKo (they are warmer than my legggings), Just Jewelry Lord’s Prayer Bracelet, Hat & Scarf from Target, and my new after Christmas Target sale Ankle Boots. I am ready for the cold weather … well kind of, I need a winter coat!

How to wear an 18 inch necklace 

Wearing my Just Jewelry, Stay Connected Necklace and Criss Cross Earrings today!

I learned a little about this 18 inch necklace and what clothing should be worn with this length .. Called the Princess, this is the most popular necklace. This necklace is intended to sit at or right below the collarbone, made to be a very versatile length. This necklace is best worn with tops and dresses with a v-neck, scoop, or button up (as shown in picture) styles.